Adlux International Convention & Exhibition Centre has been conceived as a world class convention centre with best facilities and amenities. Boasting an area of approximately 300,000 sq.ft of built-up space including covered space of around 170,000 sq.ft and the rest open air facilities, you can find the perfect space for your specific requirement. A list of our different halls, dimensions, seating capacity and amenities are shown here:

Utpal Hall (Hall A)

Traditional architecture with a touch of class makes this hall a perennial favourite for events especially wedding parties, conferences, music concerts, fashion shows etc. Utpal hall is one of the largest hall of its kind in Kerala. Acoustically treated ceiling and walls make the hall a perfect venue for events where sound quality is important. The added attraction is the beautiful and spaciously constructed stage, a perfect space for your event to speak out for itself. Comfortably seats around 2500 people with about 400 seats in theatre style.

Kings Court (Hall B)

An ideal destination for business meetings, conferences, conventions, wedding parties & exhibitions, the hall can comfortably seat 1250 people. The hall can be separated in half by a built-in partition. This no-frills hall is a favourite for smaller events and is often used as dining hall /Food court for large events. Kings Court can be combined with Empress Hall for a seamless connection which is a great advantage for exhibitions.

Empress Hall (Hall C)

Another favourite at Adlux International Convention & Exhibition Centre, the Empress Hall can comfortably seat 1500 people. The hall can be partitioned using in-built partitions. Empress Hall is a great favourite for exhibitions because of its seamless connectivity option with the Kongs Court.

Sukriti – Hall D

Sukriti is an open air venue (however, protected from rain and sun by a roof) sitting comfortably between Utpal, Kings Court and Empress. Sukriti has a built-in large stage which makes it an ideal venue for music shows, dinner meets etc. Sukriti is often used as a dining area in conjunction with the other halls.

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Exhibition Hall E

Our latest additions to the convention and exhibition centre are the large multi-use halls. Hall E with an area of approximately 64,000 sq.ft is the largest hall without any pillars. Comfortably seating around 12,500 people, the hall is fully air-conditioned and acoustically treated. An ideal venue for any type of very large events such as wedding parties, exhibitions, conventions, concerts, award shows, fashion shows etc.

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Exhibition Hall F

Also one of the latest additions, the hall is probably the largest in Adlux Convention & Exhibition centre topping at above 70,000 sq.ft space. The hall is not air-conditioned, but the grid ceiling across the hall provides a relief from extreme temperatures. Provision has been made for temporary air-conditioning set-up. The hall is ideal for exhibitions, conventions and concerts.

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One of the thorniest issues faced by event venues is parking or rather lack of parking. We are proud to say that Adlux Internation Convention & Exhibition Centre has the largest parking space in any event venue in South India. The centre can easily accommodate in excess of 1500 cars in the premises as well as make room for more.

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